Divorce & Parenting Mediation

Divorce or legal separation
Mediation of divorce issues allows the spouses to make the decision rather than turning the process over to lawyers or judges. Using the technique “agree first, then file,” the divorcing couple remain in control of the process. Mediation of a legal separation has the same advantages.

Parenting of children
Mediation of the parenting schedule and other required topics in the parenting plan is a good preparation for parenting after divorce or separation. Even when the marriage or romantic relation ends, it is necessary to co-parent. The other person is your child’s other parent for the rest of your life.

Child support and alimony
Through mediation, Guidelines child support may be calculated and details such as frequency, method of payment, and any reason for exceptions. The need for, and ability to pay, alimony may be resolved in mediation, based on individual income and budgets.

Asset division
In divorce mediation, a fair division of the real estate, retirement plans, other financial assets, and house contents can be worked out. There are several steps: count the assets, value them, explore the needs and interests of each.

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