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Are You Facing Divorce?

If yes, the most important question is, "How are we going to make the decisions in our divorce?" The options are:

Over 90% of divorcing couples in New Hampshire use one of the first four methods, or a combination of them, to decide about parenting, support and asset division. When the divorcing parties make the decisions, they can have a no-court divorce.

How Do I Decide Which Method to Use?

Consider the options listed above. Click here for more on each method. There is more information on this site and in the New Hampshire Divorce Handbook. Get legal advice from a lawyer who offers and supports options other than litigation. Look for lawyers offering mediation, collaborative practice, unbundled services, or a combination of them. (If you hire a litigator, you are more likely to end up with a contested divorce.)

Mediation to Support Families through Life Transitions

Mediation is a way for family members to make decisions together and to resolve disputes without going to court. As a mediator, Honey Hastings facilitates a dialogue between spouses or parents or among family members. This dialogue can improve communication, help them make decisions, and avoid continuing conflicts. Together, you can make the decisions for your family.

Mediation can help with all sorts of family situations, including:

Honey Hastings NH Divorce Mediator

Ms. Hastings offers mediation in all areas of family law, including divorce, parenting, adult family, and elder care. She has offered mediation services since 1995. These have included both private mediation and services for the courts. From 1982 to 2015, she served as lawyer to hundreds of divorce clients, but has retired from the practice of law to concentrate on mediation.

She is a member of the New Hampshire Conflict Resolution Association and the Academy of Professional Family Mediators (Founding Member).

Since 1995, this website has provided regularly updated information for those facing separation and divorce in New Hampshire and for the family law professionals who assist them.

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