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What are the advantages of divorce and parenting mediation?

Mediation allows you and your spouse to make the decisions for yourselves and your child or children. A mediated agreement can be customized to your family's needs. Many mediated agreements are substantially longer and more detailed than agreements drafted by lawyers. That is because the divorcing couple has more say in the mediated agreement.

A lawyer may criticize part of a mediated agreement by saying, "you don't need this." What is usually meant is "this is not required for the agreement to be legally adequate." However, you may wish to retain this part of the agreement for your own purposes.

Perhaps the most important advantage of the process of mediation is that it is one of the two methods (collaborative practice is the other) that are the best preparation for co-parenting after divorce. It may be easier to have your lawyer negotiate your divorce agreement, but if you have a child, you and your spouse will need to communicate and cooperate in the future.

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