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Changing your divorce orders or parenting plan

Are you looking to change your New Hampshire divorce or parenting case orders? There are 2 possible routes:

  1. Try to resolve matters with the other parent or former spouse.
  2. Ask the court to change the orders.

Most parenting plans (required as of October 2005) and some divorce agreements state that, before going to court, the parties will try to work out any disagreement. Some say that they will seek the help of a neutral third party. See paragraph H of the court's standard Parenting Plan.

If you agree on how to change the order, you may just file the agreement at court. (Since the court is a government branch, certain forms must be completed.) The court will approve the change.

If you are not able to agree on the change, even with the help of a mediator or other neutral person, you can file a "Petition to Change Court Order" available at or your local court. Paragraph 5 of this petition asks you to describe what you have done to resolve matters before filing the petition. If the parenting plan or agreement said that you would do this, the court may not help you until you do.

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