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Parenting coordination helps when the fighting continues

Parenting Coordination is a new dispute resolution method for divorced parents and other parents who have a parenting plan or other final order. The purpose of parenting coordination is to assist the parents in carrying out the parenting plan (or other court order about the children) and thus minimize the risk of returning to court. The long-term goal is enable the parents to co-parent without the coordinator.

There are 3 key functions of a parenting coordinator:

  1. Education
  2. Mediation
  3. Arbitration

Parenting coordinators are appointed by agreement of the parents. The specifics agreed to become part of a court order that spells out the parenting coordinator's role and payment of fees.

The arbitration (decision-making) power of the parenting coordinator is limited to disputes about carrying out the parenting plan and other minor parenting issues. The parenting coordinator may NOT change primary residence, the amount of child support, or other key issues that only a court may decide.

For more specifics on parenting coordination, click here or visit The Parenting Coordinators Association of New Hampshire website.
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