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Family Mediation Basics


Mediation is a way for people to make practical, fair, informed decisions in a divorce, parenting, after-divorce, adult family, family feud, elder care, or other family dispute with the help of a trained impartial professional. It is an alternative to negotiation through lawyers and to litigation in court to resolve disputed issues. The mediator helps ensure a fair process based on shared participation and full disclosure.

Introduction to Mediation

  1. The goal of mediation is to improve communication and reach a mutually acceptable agreement on all issues. It is written up as a Mediated Agreement.
  2. The parties share all pertinent information. All issues are negotiated in good faith.
  3. Mediation can be used to work out a premarital agreement, resolve divorce and after-divorce issues, draw up a parenting plan, settle family feuds, decide on care for elder parents, or reach an agreement in any dispute between family members.
  4. A series of meetings is held until resolution is reached on all issues. Most meetings are held with the mediator and all parties; however, the mediator also talks with each of the parties separately.


Honey Hastings, family divorce parenting mediator Honey Hastings is a retired family law attorney who was in private law practice from 1982-2016. Ms. Hastings has trained both as a divorce mediator and as an adult family (elder problems) mediator. She has been a mediator since 1995 and is New Hampshire Certified Family Mediator #75. Her memberships include the NH Bar Association's Family Section, the New Hampshire Conflict Resolution Association, and the Academy of Professional Family Mediators.

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